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Scarlett Flamingo

Freestyle flow artist, cabaret performer and hula hoop teacher: Scarlett Flamingo is an international hula hoop dancer. She fuses dance with hula hoop tricks to create a truly unique style of hula hooping.

She began hula hooping in 2007, with a focus on-body hoop dance and flow. In 2010 she landed a regular performance slot at Proud Camden and since then has brightened many stages with her hypnotic hoop dance.


She began performing in 2010 at Proud Camden and since then has brightened many stages with her hypnotic hoop dance.

Hoop Classes in Berlin

Hoop Plus Fit

Scarlett teaches weekly Hula Hoop classes in Berlin. Whether you’re wanting to get fit or learn new tricks you can find a class for you.

She is the founder of Hoop Plus Fit. A fun fitness hooping class that works to strengthen the core and work up a sweat, while keeping a smile on your face

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Parties and Events

Hula hoop workshops can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone moving. 

Whether your organising a hen party, wedding or corporate event, Scarlett Flamingo provides fun and playful hula hoop workshops for all ages.



Vols and Original

Vols and Original is a London based fashion brand, specialising in custom made clothes. I modelled their Bomber Jacket during this photoshoot at Berlin’s iconic location,  Teufelsberg.

Fashion Collaboration

I worked many more  times together with the Fashion Industry to do some Shootings with their clothes. For Details look my Bio.

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Hula hoop brings a smile to everyones face and is the must have addition to your festival! Whether you want to wow the crowd with a mesmerising performance, or run a fun hoop workshop then Scarlett Flamingo is your girl. Enquire here form more information.


Add an extra sparkle to your party

Scarlett Flamingo can light up the night with an LED walkabout act. Dancing with LED hula hoops or ISIS Wings she roams the party finding places to perform and raise the vibe. 

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Acting / Improvisation

Scarlett Flamingo has performed on screen, on theatre stages and in immersive theatre experiences. She moulds herself seamlessly to the character and has quick witted improvisational skills. Find out more here

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Scarlett San Martin

Want to get in touch or book me for a performance or workshop? I speak English and German and look forward to hearing from you.

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